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We can repair, and install mobility equipment in your vehicle right from the comfort of your home! There is no need to bring us your vehicle, because we will go to you! If you need to set an appointment outside of these times, please call or email to arrange a time. Experience SpecialNeedsVehicles — Adapt Mobility expertise in vehicle modifications ensures that your vehicle will be compatible with your lifestyle. Professionalism SpecialNeedsVehicles — Adapt Mobility is an authorized dealer for virtually all manufacturers of adaptive equipment. Installations are completed by factory trained technicians and your vehicle conversion will feature the latest in technology and reliability. Peace of Mind hours per day, 7-days per week emergency service and repair. Full service preventative maintenance program on all adaptive equipment. Customers are instructed in the proper use, operation and maintenance of their equipment.

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There were a spate of robberies within 90 minutes in south Manchester Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Eight people were robbed in 90 minutes by two men riding a red scooter across Didsbury, Rusholme, Ladybarn and Levenshulme first thing in the morning. Police are investigating the strange spate of attacks which happened within a two mile radius on Monday, September 4, between 4.

In each incident the victims were threatened and robbed by two men on a red Honda scooter who were armed with a knife and a screwdriver.

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Follow our helpful road safety tips below and you can’t go far wrong! Pay close attention at intersections remembering to always give way to the right. Drive slowly and carefully, particularly when the road is wet. Use extra caution around blind corners. Wear a good pair of shoes while riding, avoid wearing flip-flops. Bermuda law requires you to always wear a helmet while riding your scooter.

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A Dating Problem When I was 17 there were, in my mind, three things devoutly to be wished: All of these elements came together for me during a 15 minute period on Montreal’s Sherbrooke Street in It was a golden era, or at least a golden quarter hour. The girl I haven’t seen in forty years although I heard on good authority that she became a militant anti- fluoridationist. The scooter eventually disappeared into the mists of history but was never forgotten.

V Applications And Authentication Letters We provide DVLA accepted authentication letters to enable you to obtain an age-related plate for your Lambretta or Vespa scooter. The letters cover Lambrettas built in the main manufacturing countries for Lambretta of Italy, Spain and India (and we can also supply letters for Lambrettas made in France, Germany etc).

Share this article Share Norman rode exactly 98 feet in front a hushed crowed in At a charity event, Norman, a French Sheepdog from Georgia propelled himself across 30 meters on a scooter, using his hind paws to navigate the distance Record holder: Official representatives from Guinness calculated Norman crossed the 30 meter expanse in a meantime of As Norman the dog crossed the finish line in record time, he put both legs up on his scooter and rode it to a new world record The pound dog jumped up on to the scooter after he was prompted by a command from owner Karen Cobb, and resting his front paws on the handle bar, used his hind paws to roll himself across the gym.

The canine appeared so confident in his skills that he finished off his record setting run by placing both hind legs on the scooter and coasting over the finish line. In addition to riding a scooter, Norman can use his hind legs to work the pedals and ride a bike with training wheels Victory Lap: Norman run around the gym to celebrate setting the record for a dog riding a scooter across a distance of 30 meters in under 30 seconds Norman gazes up at his owner Karen Cobb, as she raises her hands in triumph and celebrates after learning he set the Guinness World Record ‘Hundreds of college coaches.

Norman not only rides land vehicles like bicycles, skateboards, and scooters, but pictured here he rides on a surfboard wearing his dog-sized lifevest ‘We wanted to introduce him to all new objects, so we just happened to have the kid’s scooter in the backyard and thought it would be fun to put him on there and get him used to it, and he loved it. He just wouldn’t get off,” Cobb told Fox 5. Norman is able to ride a scooter all by himself as Cobb gives minimal commands that include ‘Up,’ ‘Scoot,’ and ‘Coast.

Norman the Scooter Dog prepares to showcase his unique skills in front of television audiences Television personality: Norman’s television appearances include co-hosting a morning show near his hometown in Georgia In addition to riding scooters Norman can pedal a bicycle with training wheels and ride a skateboard, according the resume on the remarkable canine’s official website. Norman has extensive obedience training, his resume notes, and lists his skill as ‘extremely adaptable.

Like all dogs, Norman loves riding in vehicles.

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Read on to stay within the law and keep yourself and others safe from harm. A moped is not a motorcycle or a scooter The difference is generally determined by the size of the engine. If the engine size is 50 CC or less, the vehicle is considered a moped.

Lambretta is the Milan, Italy originated international corporation for high-end land vehicles (scooters, motorcycles, bicycles) and luxury clothing, watches, eyewear, jewellery and .

After a couple slow years, the Ruckus became a strong seller for Honda and has been a popular scooter in North America since It remains on sale as of Over its run, the rugged Ruckus received very few changes aside from color offerings. The motor is also found in the Metropolitan, but with a shorter swing arm to suit that scooters smaller back wheel. The GET2 engine is an impressive modern design. You can expect an honest mpg while driving around at full throttle.

This motor also features a number of technological advances. This is the first scooter engine to mount a tiny radiator on the side of the motor and use a flywheel mounted fan to blow air on it. This design is very efficient, compact and elegant compared to scooters with coolant hoses running all over the place to a randomly located radiator. Secondly, the Ruckus cleverly runs electrical current in reverse through the alternator to start the motor. This spins the flywheel and cranks the engine over, while being virtually silent.

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Notice there have been issues with the forums, new site is now here: The Scooter Cannonball Run is a coast to coast endurance event for scooters. It is a test of both rider and machine that covers miles and takes in some of the best motorcycle roads on the North American continent. July , Why:

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For detailed information on a specific Yamaha scooter use the menu to the right. These scooters were designed to be the next generation of scooter with their dent resistant plastic body panels, CVT transmissions and oil injection. These features made these scooters easy to operate for a wider appeal. This scooter was capable of impressive top speeds around 75mph. The Riva is a good scooter but it is infamous for starting difficulties.

These improvements include a larger carburetor, new cylinder and redesigned exhaust.

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New rules have made it harder and harder for Medicare to cover scooters for seniors. Some members of Congress say the ads lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary spending by Medicare, which is only supposed to pay for scooters as a medical necessity when seniors are unable to use a cane, walker or regular wheelchair. The Jazzy Air’s power-elevating seat raises 10 inches — even while the chair is in motion!

Where did all the advertisements for scooters go? New rules have made it harder and harder for Medicare to cover scooters for seniors. It wasn’t so long ago that a prominent “scooter store” got itself in a pickle for pushing doctors to write prescriptions for Medicare furnished scooters (whether necessary or .

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