Hooking Up a Hot Tub

You want your new addition to be a place where you can relax and de-stress, not to be a source of constant headaches and frustrations. That is why hiring the best hot tub and sauna electrical professionals you can find is so important. Regardless of whether your new hot tub is inside of your home or outside, contact Applegate Electrical Service to get everything installed and wired properly to prevent safety, electrical, and security issues. Protecting Your Safety and Property When homeowners need to hire a hot tub and sauna electrical company they can trust, they contact Applegate Electrical Service. We work hard to ensure that all work is performed to meet and exceed industry standards and your expectations. We are committed to providing professional hot tub sales and repair services to keep hot tub owners happy for many years to come. Our hot tub and sauna services include: Electrical troubleshooting Repair and installation of safety electrical outlets Wiring upgrades Wiring maintenance Owning a hot tub is a big responsibility.

Hot Tub Wiring Diagram

Of course we wish it were as simple as filling it with water and hopping in. However, it does take a little work to get your spa set up. Print this Hot Tub Setup Guide! There is valuable information in there to give you an idea of how your spa works and how to prevent any mishaps or damage to your new hot tub before you get to use it. Electricity There are different electrical requirements for each hot tub. They are lightweight, portable spas that use standard household voltage of V.

Edit Article How to Install a Hot Tub. In this Article: Prepping for Success Installing the Hot Tub Taking Care of the Electrical Community Q&A A hot tub can be a relaxing addition to your backyard. Because they are large, electrically complex systems, installing hot tubs can be tricky.

Planning the Best Location Safety First Do not place your spa within 10 feet 3 m of overhead power lines. Make sure the spa is positioned so that access to the equipment compartment and all side panels will not be blocked. Be certain that your installation will meet all city and local safety codes and requirements. For example, will you use your spa for recreational or therapeutic purposes? If your spa is mainly used for family recreation, be sure to leave plenty of room around it for activity.

If you will use it for relaxation and therapy, you’ll probably want to create a specific mood around it. Plan For Your Environment If you live in a region where it snows in the winter or rains frequently, place the spa near a house entry. By doing this, you will have a place to change clothes and not be uncomfortable. Consider Your Privacy In a cold-weather climate, bare trees won’t provide much privacy.

Think of your spa’s surroundings during all seasons to determine your best privacy options.

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The Average Life of a Hot Tub When it’s time to move, or your hot tub is old and inoperable, you must disconnect the tub to move it or dispose of it. This includes disconnecting both water and electrical connections, as well as removing the skirt surrounding the base of the hot tub. Most hot tubs can be disconnected with a few simple tools to get it ready to take to your new home or to get rid of it, if it’s broken.

This circuit shall NOT be used to supply a major fixture such as a whirlpool or hot tub! Spas, Hydro massage, Hot tubs and associated electrical components. Pretty much any location where water and electricity might mix. You may wire up to square feet of living area on a 15 ampere branch circuit or up to square feet on a

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Does it cover on-site service? These are questions to ask yourself when reading the warranty. You will also want to find out if these services will be performed by the dealer or a third party. Wet testing is the act of actually soaking in a filled hot tub before you make your purchase. Test the tub with everyone in your family who will be using it the most.

Test the different seats with different jet pressures.

7 Common Hot Tub Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Do you make swim spas? Warm water therapy has proven to be beneficial in healing, relieving and preventing injuries. For many people, it also helps to ease the stresses of everyday life, as well as provide a great environment to reconnect with family and friends. The answers to these questions are dependent on each individual situation, but the bottom line is that a hot tub is actually easy to install.

If you do not intend on giving away, reselling, or aren’t simply moving your hot tub, the best way to go about removing a hot tub is simply to take a sawzall to it. It is safe to say, however, that the process is a little more complicated in nature than simply sawing the spa into bite-sized pieces.

Installing a spa heater is a relatively simple task for someone with moderate experience. Just how simple it will be depends on which type of a spa you’ll be heating, and which type of heater you’ll be installing. The electric heater is the type most commonly used in portable, above-ground spas, while gas heaters are more often used with in-ground spas. The following will provide you with a guide to install your spa heater. Step 2- Positioning A Gas Heater The best place to put your heater will be near the spa’s pump and filter as close as possible to your gas supply.

This will likely be a propane tank or a natural gas pipe.

Important Steps When Hooking Up Your New Hot Tub

Iron or steel Ceramic Every conductor offers some resistance to the movement of electric current, like friction inside a water pipe. Some conductors conduct better than others because they offer less resistance. Although there is variations in resistance, it is important to know the concept and terminology. Ohms are the units used in measuring resistance. The better the conductor, the lower the ohms reading. The shorter the length of a conductor, the lower the ohms.

I now had the spa up on the deck and my next step was to get electricity to the hot tub. Unless you know what you are doing I highly recommend to hire an electrician for this job. It is recommended whether you hook up your spa V or V that you supply your own fuse on your home fuse box.

You now have your very own portable spa by Master Spas, Inc. By fully understanding the operation of each of the features of your new Master Spa, you will be assured of many years of hassle-free, hot water therapy and fun. The GFCI must be tested before each use. With the product operating, open the service door. Suction through drains and skimmers is powerful when the jets in the spa are in use. Damaged covers can be hazardous to small children and adults with long hair.

Should any part of the body be drawn into these fittings, turn off the spa immediately. The unit should be subjected to periodic routine maintenance once every quarter to make sure that the it is operating properly.

Hot Tub & Spa Electrical Installation

If you do not intend on giving away, reselling, or aren’t simply moving your hot tub, the best way to go about removing a hot tub is simply to take a sawzall to it. It is safe to say, however, that the process is a little more complicated in nature than simply sawing the spa into bite-sized pieces. Here is a guide to removing a hot tub that you are no longer interested in. Step 1 – Reread Instruction Manual Re-read the manufacturer’s instructions for the hot tub to remind yourself of all of the aspects of the spa’s original construction.

You need to have a decent idea of what electrical elements are involved, how the heater is hooked up, how the gas lines work, and so on.

All right, I’d like to thank you guys ahead of time for the help. As you can tell from the title, I’m trying to figure out a way to hook up our new hot tub (this tub can be .

Buying the right hot tub can lead to years of enjoyment with little work while buying the wrong hot tub can be costly, disappointing and irritating. While purchase price definitely is important, focusing solely on that can actually end up costing you a ton of money down the road. While you definitely need to be mindful of how much your new hot tub will cost to purchase, you also need to make sure that it is well built, uses quality parts and is energy efficient.

These installation can costs include: With so many different makes and models, it can be tough to choose the best one for your needs. Generally speaking, most people buy hot tubs for one of these three reasons: To entertain and reconnect with friends and family. These complaints usually range from how many chemicals need to be added to how difficult they are to drain and refill.

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