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I am the founder and Commissioner of the Staten Island Basketball League and have played organized and college basketball for 52 years. Craig Raucher became the most prominent business director on the strength of two different factors. He has the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle a variety of businesses. You have seen it years before in a thousand different cities. When you walk through the doors of the venerable school on to the time worn basketball court you are transported back decades. It […] The Hook January 30, What draws people to this game and this group? Why do players come twice a week for weeks and months and years in a row? Why do old timers turn up to play? What is the hook? The hook in […] The Origin:

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Both Manhattan plans would have required connections to various points, including Ellis Island or Governors Island , and would have traveled around 5 miles 8. Because of this, the high costs of the potential tunnel, and the relatively small population of Staten Island, the Manhattan route was considered impractical. This plan, referred to as “Route No. Similar to the proposal, it would have followed the routing of the current Verrazano-Narrows Bridge constructed from to its opening in

Howland Hook is a neighborhood in Staten Island with a total population of 5, It occupies approximately square miles. Overall, expenses in Howland Hook .

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Description[ edit ] A total of R44 cars were ordered: The R44s originally came in singles, but needed each other to run, much like the “married pairs” of subway cars before them R26 to R42, except R33WFs. The SIR-operated cars were never reassembled after overhaul and remain set up as singles. Since September 16, , all NYCTA-operated cars have been retired and replaced by the R s due to structural integrity issues found on those cars.

This leaves the SIR as the sole operator of the R44, which will continue to operate them until at least — , when they will be replaced by the R s. The cars were introduced under the idea that a train of eight foot

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Photo by Jim K. As early as the ‘s, New York City officials saw the need for an express highway that would provide local and through-traffic service through Staten Island. Unlike the Willowbrook and Richmond parkways proposed elsewhere in the borough, the new route was to allow cars, trucks and buses. All three routes were to provide access to the proposed Narrows Crossing, as well as to the existing Port Authority crossings between Staten Island and New Jersey.

The master plan described the expressway route as follows: This is an express connection linking the Goethals and Bayonne bridges, and the industrial areas at their plazas, with the south shore of Staten Island, and the Stapleton piers and docks. When the proposed Narrows Crossing is constructed, this route will form a principal part of its approach highway system and will be an essential link in a through express route from southern New Jersey to New York. Development of design and engineering plans for the expressway and the Narrows Crossing were postponed until after World War II.

By that time, the anticipated development of the island required a borough-wide network of expressways and parkways to relieve congested local roads. In late , New York City arterial coordinator Robert Moses adopted the route of the “Clove Lakes Expressway,” as the Staten Island Expressway then was known, in the city’s arterial development program.

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Although the railway is considered a standard rail line, only the western portion of the North Shore Branch which is used by freight is connected to the national rail system. However, there is no direct rail link between the SIR and the subway system. The Staten Island Railway provides full-time local service between Saint George and Tottenville , along the east side of the borough.

Although there is no subway service for residents of the western or northern Staten Island, light rail has been proposed for these corridors. The MTA is planning to implement bus rapid transit on the North Shore , and a study is underway to determine whether light rail should be implemented on Staten Island’s West Shore. The line has a route bullet similar to other subway routes:

In the window that pops up, make sure Location is set to Ask or Allow. You’re good to go! Reload this Yelp page and try your search again. Photo of Hook and Rail Meats – Staten Island, NY, United States by Michael R. See all 7 photos Ask the Community. Yelp users /5(11).

Attorney, Columnist on U. Brooklyn has led the way in establishing a novel community court that has reduced costs to the taxpayer, decreased the number of defendants sent to jail and also drove a drop in crime. Staten Island, however, has been falling behind despite facing serious public threats. With an opioid epidemic and immigrant communities on edge, Staten Island must catch up to ensure we are keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Dismissing Old Warrants The dismissal of old warrants poses no risk to public safety as those individuals whose warrants are being dismissed have not been detained in the past 10 years. Additionally, these warrants stem from summonses issued for minor infractions such as riding a bicycle on the sidewalk or being in a park after dark — which statistics show were largely issued to low-income blacks and Latinos.

Warrants, when left unresolved, can subject a person with automatic arrest when questioned by police on the street or during a traffic stop. Immigration Unit Many of our neighbors in the immigrant community become victims of economic exploitation and violence. Creating an immigration unit would help improve public safety for all Staten Islanders as it would encourage both documented and undocumented immigrant victims and witnesses to report crimes.

Very often crimes go unresolved as many immigrants fear cooperating with law enforcement because of their undocumented status.

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For tourists who want a photo of the famous statue without visiting the island, there are many options and vantage points, including rides on the free Staten Island Ferry. But for those who just want a photo op with the statue, there are many other vantage points, from Red Hook, Brooklyn, and Governors Island, to a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The Staten Island ferry takes you right past the statue for free, while those on bigger budgets can reserve a room with a view at the luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Here are 10 ways to get a great look at the Statue of Liberty, starting with the cruises that resume service to Liberty Island on July Fourth. Boats are scheduled to resume departing from the Battery in Lower Manhattan on July 4, when Liberty Island reopens to the public for the first time since Superstorm Sandy last October. The statue itself was not damaged by the storm, but landing docks and infrastructure, including electrical, phone and sewage systems, required months of repair work by the National Park Service, which operates the statue.

Silver Lake Golf Course is located on the North Shore of Staten Island just minutes from the Staten Island Ferry, local expressways, and across the harbor from New J Fast Response.

The endless parade of mayoral forums various boroughs and city organizations host over the course of an election season may not bring much clarity on the differences amongst the candidates. After a while, everyone starts to sound the same, and the various discussions blend together into one giant mess of pandering city politicians.

When Staten Island hosts a mayoral forum, the discussion inevitably turns to the transportation options. SI residents hate the tolls on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge; they hate the lack of transit options on the island; and they hate how the mayor has focused on a potential subway to Secaucus before exploring a subway to Staten Island. During the forum, Lhota discussed the need to connect the R train to Staten Island.

As part of an aborted effort to realize this subway extension, workers dug out around feet but gave up after a dispute with Mayor Hylan in the mid s. So does it make sense for ? First, we have the issue of cost. Next up are travel times. My kneejerk reaction to suggest that a cross-harbor tunnel with a direct connection to Lower Manhattan would be a better use of funds, but it would use up more of those funds.

Furthermore, travel times to key job centers may not be worse along 4th Ave. If a Staten Island subway ran express or if riders transferred at 59th St. Would either a cross-Harbor or a trans-Narrows subway allow the city to cut back or eliminate Staten Island ferry service?


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Shipping used to be concentrated along the waterfronts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, but today, that traffic has moved west to the Port Elizabeth/Newark terminal and Bayonne, New Jersey, though there still are smaller cargo terminals within the city limits in Red Hook, Brooklyn and Howland Hook, Staten Island.

This photo shows the Goethals Bridge in the background, side-by-side with the Arthur Kill Railroad Bridge in the foreground. Photo by Tom Scannello. Since , bills to secure a bridge, or a series of bridges between Staten Island and New Jersey had been introduced in the New York and New Jersey state legislatures. The construction of the Arthur Kill railroad bridge, near the current site of the Goethals Bridge, extended the industrial growth of the Newark-Elizabeth area into the Howland Hook section of Staten Island.

However, the bridge exclusively served freight traffic. Three ferries, all of which were being taxed beyond their capacities, served passenger traffic between Staten Island and New Jersey. New solutions were sought to deal with the surging demand in automobile and truck travel after World War I. In , the New York and New Jersey Bridge and Tunnel Commission issued a report calling for the reconstruction of a combination highway and railroad bridge between Staten Island and Elizabeth to replace the existing railroad swing bridge.

The report also called for the construction of a highway bridge between Staten Island and Perth Amboy. Since the channel was shallow, and a low-level bridge was thought to be the solution, the cost was expected to be low. However, the New Jersey State Board of Commerce attacked the idea of building a low-level bridge, and instead advocated constructing a bridge with a foot clearance to insure the viability of New Jersey ports.

The two state legislatures acceded to this demand, and assigned construction of the bridge to a new bi-state agency: The bridge proposal was to be part of an integral port improvement. We wanted to begin with something where we were most likely to succeed, and the smaller enterprise was the better one for the purpose.

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History[ edit ] The neighborhood is named for its 19th-century harvesting of oysters and other seafood products from the Kill Van Kull , which forms the neighborhood’s northern border Elm Park and Port Ivory lie to the east and west, respectively, while Graniteville is to the south. Later developments included shipbuilding, repair and marine salvage work.

Fishing activity declined due to pollution during the 20th century.

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