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Pressure in the abdomen. Stinging and burning occurring mostly while seated. Removal and closure of the rectum followed by pain is a poorly understood phenomenon known as phantom rectum syndrome. For most patients the pain gradually goes away, but for some it can persist or return at a later date. If a patients doctors and nurses are not educated about phantom rectum syndrome the patient could receive very poor care in the hospital and leave hopeless and with little treatment options. For some patients the pain from phantom rectum syndrome can be severe and can either be constant or come in intermittent waves. A similar study was done on Chinese patients to attempt to examine the prevalence and character of phantom rectum syndrome in patients who had rectal resection due to carcinoma. In one case a 74 year old woman with ulcerative colitis who had ostomy surgery started experiencing phantom rectum pain years after surgery. After ruling out other causes of her pain and trying numerous intense pain management treatments, it was concluded that her pain was caused by phantom rectum syndrome. Patients who still have a rectum but have gone through ostomy surgery to divert stool away from it, or patients who have an internal reservoir ex:

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This is my first one since the birth of my stoma Winnie, and she is really celebrating it! Life with an ostomy bag can be, well, crap to be honest. There can be days where my bag just leaks and leaks, or my stoma stops working together. So, during my six months living with my ostomy I have been humiliated in hospitals and at airport security, had a few very painful experiences with sweetcorn and some would you know I had an ostomy?

NO…not for anything in the world!!! Yes, I am being serious.

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I know it was for me. He told me that it would not change anything majorly, but it would be an adjustment, especially after getting the rectum removed. The rectum is right up against the vaginal canal and provides support, so no longer having it made things feel different. Not bad different, just… different. Let me first go back to before my surgery. There are so many concerns when living with a bowel disease. And then there is always the worry that when having sex, something might sneak out.

You know… from behind. That was always a major worry. But I love my husband and I know that sex is an important part of a healthy, long-term relationship. Still, sex, a lot of the time, became more work than fun. So I was nervous giving it another go after my surgery.

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My eyes bulged with amazement. Who in their right mind would “opt” for a bag? It’s like asking a convicted murderer to give a talk on “Why I opted for a life sentence in prison. No one I knew had one.

A HEALTH support group has gathered to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The Solent Ostomates Support Group helps people with conditions that means they have to use colostomy bags.

There comes a time when you have to weigh the convenience and the quality of life against your fears. They would scowl at me like I was speaking some alien language. They didn’t deal with that. Over and over I was told “I operate for emergenceis. Quality of life is when a doctor can actually restore you to a “better” sense of life with less pain than you are now in.

And isn’t that the vow of ALL doctors? It isn’t a delusional addicted mind asking for more pain pills

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How did she cope? How did she live with her ostomy? I have tried to re-create her experience. Grandma Mabel, 2 years after ostomy surgery Living Contently, Without Ostomy equipment Lets try to imagine , … and imagine living with an ostomy in

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After your swim, do you just change the bag or the whole appliance. I’m not happy with my trys at getting back into swimming appliance starts to peel away – adhesive melt on my 2-piece appliance and looking for any ideas. Hi Beatrice I have both a colostomy and an urostomy. I wear a one piece Coloplast sensura bag for my colostomy.

And my urostomy bag is also Coloplast. I just take the bags off after swimming and put new ones on. They are still securely fixed on when I change them. The water does not loosen them. I do not have a shower just a bath at home so I just love to take my bags off and stand under the shower after a swim and be bag free for a few minutes. I find Coloplast Sensura bags stick on well and also come off without too much trouble as well.

Wed Sep 01, 6: Afterwards when i have t dress again i just turn my back on anyone in there and quickly get my pants and t-shirt on.

Single person who dates hard and ‘gets around’ available for ostomy intimacy questions. : ostomy

I have had an ileostomy since , and only have one in order in theory to enable the repair of a recto-vaginal fistula. Does anyone else out there have the same condition – would love to know, as I am feeling a bit of a rarity! Is this something you should tell in the beginning or once you have gotten to know the person better. I’m lost, at first I thought I should tell up front but then I was afraid I would be judged based on my ostomy.

On the other hand I was afraid the other person would maybe feel betrayed that I didn’t trust them up front. So please help and give me some advice.

We welcome anyone, especially Ostomates, who are friendly and would like to meet other people with Crohn’s, Ostomy, Ileostomy, Colostomy or any other Ostomies. It works as an Ostomy dating site and an Ostomy Social Network.”.

Modern colostomy equipment is discreet and secure, and you should be able to do most of the activities you enjoyed before. Colostomy bags and equipment A colostomy bag is often used to collect your poo stools. These may be suitable for people who have particularly loose stools. A specialist stoma nurse, who usually sees you before and after the colostomy operation, will help you choose the most suitable colostomy equipment.

There’s a wide range of colostomy appliances available, including: They also contain special filters to prevent any unpleasant odours. But as occasional leakages can happen, it’s recommended that you wear a small stoma cap.


It was so surreal and the reality of my new journey ahead was finally settling in. As time went on, I grasped the responsibility of taking care of myself and the bag. Hopefully these inspire to get out there and find adventure despite any kind of disability.

Sep 07,  · Hi I am trying to contact any one who lives in the UK Blackpool area, to ask them about swimming pools sutable for us with a Stoma.

A touch of the flush handle and away datings sites the smell. I was 13years old. More often than not, my first sign of an obstruction is simply feeling bleh. I realized that he never even asked me how I was feeling when I told him I’d been sick. She will also make sure the surgeon puts the stoma in the right place. Ileostomy dating sites – us army dating sites, speed dating montreal Complications may include heart problems, brittle bones, and thyrotoxic crisis also known as “thyroid storm.

I’ve known two paraplegic guys both with colostomy bags, and they both ended up in great marriages to lovely people. Avoid with photosensitivity or if taking photosensitizers. Avoid with hormone-sensitive conditions like breast cancer or prostate cancer. Reflexology should not delay diagnosis or treatment with more proven techniques or therapies.

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